Our conscious act



Bio Table comes from IMI’s great Italian heart.
Our company is aware that our environment is invaluable.
Every choice we make reveals how much we care about the world. We are committed to reduce pollution, energy consumption and to lead projects for real paths of sustainable development.

Bio Table Line of products comes out from this corporate philosophy

An ecological product, made of raw materials not harmful for the environment, through a non-polluting manufacturing process that saves 30% of energy consumption. The selection of raw materials involved in the process, was based on their life-cycle, internationally known as LCA “Life Cycle Assessment” the heart for a sustainable development.   We wish our products’ impact on the environment to be the less harmful possible and respectful towards natural resources involved. Our Bio Table products are Biobased, compostable, biodegradable, derived from renewable plant origin, non-toxic and non-polluting. Safe for us and harmless for the environment

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